The net psychiatrist


Net Psychiatrist offers high quality psychiatric diagnostics and care. The appointments are carried out by encrypted video calls, via telephone or SSL-encrypted e-mail/chat. The treatment strategy is to comprehensively listen the customer and form a good picture of his/her situation and then promote positive changes in customers life with warm decisiveness and perseverance.

Dr. Juha Lehti has been a licenced physician since 1999 and a specialist in psychiatry since 2013. His experties include challenging psychiatric diagnostics and problem defining, forming a clear medical treatment plan as well as using physical excercise and healthy way of life in the treatment of psychiatric problems. Dr Lehti has been working in the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, the psychiatric division of Health Care Center of  Helsinki and a highly estimated private Aava clinic in Southern Finland. Dr. Lehti is born in Finland 1972. He speaks English, Spanish and Finnish.

The philosophy of Dr. Lehti is that psychiatric symptoms – depression, anxiety, insomnia etc. – should be harnessed to promote a positive change in a person’s life. Little or nothing good is accomplished by sweeping problems under the carpet. The positive change is a combination of understanding one’s past, getting rid of exaggerated negativity and unfunctional thinking, learning “What is good for me in the long run” and knowing how to deal with people around you.