The net psychiatrist

How does it work?

1. Reserve your appointment using the reserve calender. Notice that the reservations are made in Finnish time (+2 UTC).
2. Pay with your credit card or by PayPal.
3. If you want a visual contact with your doctor during your appointment download a secure video call program called VSee to your computer. Go to the site and follow instructions. If you wish that the appointment is carried out by using phone or e-mail/chat then downloading VSee is not necessary.
4. The doctor will contact you 5-10 minutes before scheduled appointment by e-mail or by phone. You and the doctor can then decide whether you will be using video call, phone call or e-mail/chat to carry out the appointment. The doctor will help you to establish the video call connection if necessary.
5. The appointment starts. Usually the doctor first  interviews you about the issues you want to solve. Then he asks you about some general things about your life and moves on to spesific symptoms or problems which need attention.
6. The doctor formes a summary of the things you have been discussing and gives you instructions considering what to do next (for example a spesific treatment or excercise, new appointment or laboratory exams).
7. The appointment ends. You may ask the doctor to repeat the instructions or specify themby e-mail after the appointment.